Monday, June 27, 2011

Fueled by Access

For the past four years I have been vacationing with this same group of friends. We run the Wasatch Back together each June. For me it's a chance to challenge myself physically, while I get a much needed mental break from my regular responsibilities. Most women require a little girl time. My girl time is Ragnar Relay one weekend a year. Along with running, we talk, laugh, cry, eat, and sometimes sleep. Our team ran a 190 mile course from Logan to Park City over beautiful mountain passes, and through quaint little towns. This amazing feat was accomplished with the aide of several Melaleuca products. Pain-a-trate for before and after the run to sooth sore or tight muscles, Sustain to keep us hydrated, and replace electrolites lost from sweeting, and of course AccessBars and Shakes to fuel our runs and prevent soreness.

I have often thought some of you would like to participate, so Ragnar 2012 will be a team of Lets Get Fitt, Melaleuca customers. I will register a team as soon as I have 12 interested team members (entry fee is $100 each). We only have a few weeks to register a team, the race always sales out in just a few weeks, so call your friends and call me to reserve your spot now. For those who have never done this type of thing before, you can do it, I will help you prepare. I would love to have you join us. I promise it will be fun!

georgia 801-885-1111

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma Georgia (that was my great grandma's name)

Today I will become a grandma. While I am so excited to add a beautiful little girl to our family, I am also struggling will the entire grandma concept. I knew it would happen one day, I just didn't think it would come so quickly. Thanks to this lifestyle I adopted almost three years ago I will be a healthy, active, grandma. I get excited thinking about all the adventures ahead, having a strong healthy body will make those adventures, possible. If you would like a review, or a first look at this lifestyle I am speaking of join us for a free class.

Three free classes offered this week:

Wed. June 22nd- 7 p.m. Palmer Residence 1246 W. 3420 N. Pleasant Gr.
Thurs. June 23rd- 8p.m. Roy Complex Lobby 2150 W. 4700 S. Roy
Fri. June 24th- 7 p.m. Palmer Residence 1246 W. 3420 N. Pleasant Grove