Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day #6

My family is now calling me Grandma Georgia, my daughter announced on Christmas day that her, and her Husband, are expecting a baby June 25th, it was my favorite Christmas present! I hope you are enjoying your holidays with your families as well. Find 20 minutes today for a workout, you'll be glad you did.

I was missing my weightlifting routine so today I did a "Body By Lu" Upper Body Super Set. See your workbook for pictures and adjust workout into a super set by altering it according to the following directions, using medium weight dumbbells.

*rest for 1 minute or less between each exercise, this will get your cardiovascular system working, also remember posture, slightly bent knees and squeeze your glutes (butt). This will work your lower body muscle groups, Using correct breathing techniques will work your core, completing your total body workout in just about 20 min.

30 reps of each

1. Bench Press
2. Bench Press Fly (hug a tree)
3. Two-arm Standing Dumbbell Row
4. Two-arm Bent Row (monkey)
5. Standing Dumbbell Press
6. Lateral Raises
7. Dumbbell Curl
8. Hammer Curl
9. Two-arm Dumbbell Kickback
10. Bench Dips

If you don't know how to do these exercises, make an appointment and come in for a workout as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day #5

As you can tell I have gotten behind on my daily posting of workouts, so much to do so little time. Just take a few minutes today and workout hard, it will make you feel great! Happy cooking, cleaning, shopping, relaxing (ya right!)

Do sets of 10 for each exercise, repeat without rest. Complete 10 sets, time yourself, so you can push yourself to do it a little faster on another day when you need a quick overall body fat burning workout.

1. Sumo pushups: Following each pushup twist core slightly as you lift one arm shoulder height, alternate from left to right. Can also be done with knees bent if you wish, or on elbows if you have weak wrists. For an extra challenge try elevating feet on a chair.

2. Tuck jumps: Being mindful of good posture throughout, stand with knees bent, shoulder width apart, jump off the balls of your feet, tucking your knees up into your chest, landing back in starting position.

3. Get ups: Lie on a mat on your back, knees bent, as if you are doing crunches. with your hands clasped behind your head, sit up and place one foot on the ground so you can stand up, using your core, and your foot, stand up. If needed you can also put hands on the floor to help you up. Repeat

4. Pike jump Overs: Get in pike position on
your mat, rise up on your hands, or elbows, if necessary, with your tush raised, push off with your feet landing, with feet together, jump across mat from right to left.

Monday, December 13, 2010

20 Minute at Home Workout

It is always a challenge to keep your exercise program going especially during the busy times of our lives (which is just about every day). The mistake that many make is that they think they need an hour or more to workout. The beauty of our program, for me and for many I work with, is that 20-30 minutes each day, produces positive results. I have posted several exercise routines that will stimulate multiple muscle groups, and keep your body and mind guessing to burn the maximum amount of fuel. The workout will be time sensitive, but packed with intensity. Perform each exercise in succession, after completing one movement move on to the next without rest to keep your heart pumping, combining cardiovascular training with strength training. Do the number of reps. that your time and/or physical level will allow. Just 20-30 minutes of intense exercise a day will keep you looking and feeling your best. The biggest benefit will be the sense of accomplishment you will feel, and the emotional high that comes from accomplishing hard things. Have fun, but work hard, it will make you feel great! To see sample workouts click on the exercise tool bar.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day #4 Aerobic Challenge

Our program has our clients doing a 20 min. cardio or aerobic workout
3 times a week. This can be done in the pool, on the road, on a tread mill, a elliptical machine, or just moving around your house. Today I will suggest a 20 min cardio workout that changes each minute to keep your body guessing, increasing and and decreasing intensity keeps your body from getting comfortable, which keeps you in fat burning mode. This workout requires no equipment, except your body weight, and little space and time.

Complete the following exercises for 1 minute each, repeat set 4 times for a 20 minute workout

1. jog in place
2. alternating right leg side leap, left leg side leap
3. jumping jacks
4. in and out football drill
5. high knees

Suggestions: don't forget to eat your access bar to fuel your workout and to keep you from getting sore, keep a water bottle near by to drink during exercise #1, push off and land on balls of feet to limit shock to joints, exercise #5 should be challenging to complete for the full minute, if it is not, increase workout intensity.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day #3

The following is one set, complete 10 sets,as quickly as you can. It will help to have 10 items to use ascounters to move into a finished pile ( I like to use single serving sustain pouches) Time yourself and share your results with us in the comment area below.
1. Standing jump lunges, 10 right foot forward
2. 10 mountain climbers
3. 10 side plank lift on right side
Now Repeat, but alternate to left foot forward and left plank lift ( you will do a total of 10 sets, 5 on each side)
Jump lunges: Stand with one leg in front, and the other leg directly behind in a wide enough stride that your front knee does not extend over your front foot. Keep your front foot flat and come up on your back foot's toe. Keeping both knees slightly bent, shoulders back and torso strait, slowly lower your body until front knee is at a 90 degree angle. Jumping lightly off the balls of your feet return to starting position.

Mountain Climbers: Get into push-up position, arms and legs straight, balls of your feet on the floor. Lift your right knee straight up towards your right arm, then back down, repeat with your left knee to left arm. Increase the speed of each rep so your legs are alternating up and down.
Side Plank Lift: This exercise improves your strength, balance and flexibility, targeting your core, and your upper body. Get into the starting position with your right hip down and your right hand on the floor underneath your shoulder for support. Your right arm stays fully extended and all of the muscles on your body should be engaged. Lift your hips up off of the ground to position your body into a straight line. Lower your hips down into the starting position in a controlled manner – this means that you are not dropping your hips down. Be sure to touch down with your hips for each rep. and go up high enough that your body is in a straight line. Left arm can rest on hips, or place down on floor to use for balance.

Day #2

The following is one complete set, complete 15 sets, in as little time as you can.

1. 5 Burpees
2. 30 toe touches, alternate left hand to right foot, then right hand to left foot

What is the Burpee exercise? It’s a great full body functional exercise that will raise your heart rate, improve your strength, power, agility and flexibility. A Burpee is a combination of a push up and a jump squat. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, then squat down and put your hands on the ground. Jump your feet back into a plank position and make sure to keep your core tight so that you are not dropping your hips. Bend your elbows and move your body down towards the ground as close as your strength and flexibility allows you. Push up and get back into the plank. Jump your feet forward into a squat and jump up with your arms above your head reaching towards the sky. Land softly on the balls of your feet and bend your knees slightly as you land to absorb the shock and to make the landing softer.

Day 1 Challenge

Supergirl Planks 100 reps.

You can set your stop watch to see how long this challenge takes you, however it is not meant to be a race so don’t rush and just focus on keeping proper form. Get into the basic plank position and extend one arm and the opposite leg so that your body from your toes to your fingers is in one straight line. Make sure to keep your abs tight and don’t drop your hips. Switch the arm and the leg for each rep and try to complete 100 reps. If you are a beginner, you can cut down the number of reps, you can go on your elbows for more support, or you can do this exercise from your knees which is the easiest variation. You can also take periods of rest between reps if necessary. You will feel the muscles working in your core, shoulders, arms and legs. I was also amazed at the amount of cardio strength it required. Let me know how you did in the comments below!