Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sustain Sport

Sustain Sport is the only performance drink with four electrolytes (twice the electrolytes found in the leading sports drink) and just 30 calories to help you rehydrate, rebound, and recover, without adding unnecessary calories.
Electrolytes are crucial minerals that are lost when you sweat, and water alone can’t put them back. Electrolytes perform three key functions: Help maintain proper muscle function, help ensure proper communication between the muscles and brain, and support energy and water absorption into the body.
Sweetened with natural fructose you will love it's refreshing, great taste. It has helped many of my clients who don't like water get the additional fluid their body needs. It has also help other clients break their pop habit. Read the post about the benefits of breaking a regular or diet pop drinking habit.
My favorite flavor is Ruby Red Grapefruit, at only 30 cents a serving, you will never go back to yucky gatorade.

Attain Bars and Shakes

Attain bars and shakes, with patent-pending CraveBlocker® naturally addresses the root causes of hunger cravings and helps control them at the source.

Hunger cravings begin in one of two places: the stomach or the brain. The all-natural ingredients in CraveBlocker target the two sources of hunger cravings, helping you control your appetite so you can focus on losing weight without feeling hungry all the time.

Because CraveBlocker contains no caffeine, stimulants, or hormones, Attain is a natural way to control hunger for everyone in the family.

When following our fat-loss plan, an attain shake, mixed with water, or a bar along with 4g. of lean protein (low fat cheese stick) is a perfectly balanced snack for a women. Most men require more calories, we suggest mixing the shake with skim milk, and eating the attain bar with 2 cheese sticks. A man may prefer the Proflex bar because of it's more manly size and it's additional calories.

Access Bars and Shakes

Nutrition That Turns Fat into Fuel If you’re like most people, your body does a good job of storing energy in the form of fat. But your body may not be as good at converting that fat back into energy. Even if you’re active, your body sees fat as an asset that it won’t give up easily. When you start to work out, your body creates a chemical called adenosine that inhibits the conversion of fat into energy. Adenosine may be keeping your body from burning the fat you want to lose. The patented Access® technology naturally blocks adenosine and helps turn fat into fuel during your workout or activity.

How does the patented science of Access work? Take Access on an empty stomach 15 minutes before exercising to help:

• naturally block the energy-sapping effects of adenosine

• muscles use less sugar and more stored fat for energy

• give you greater endurance with less fatigue and soreness

• turn fat into fuel, working differently than other energy bars

Why would I eat 120 calories just before I work out?

Having readily accessible calories for your body to draw on it kick starts your workout while still allowing the processes that unlock the stored fat to activate. This results in a more enjoyable workout because you feel more energetic and sustained.

Do other products function like Access?

No other bars have Access’s patented technology. Access was granted its patent because of its ability to tap into the body’s natural fat store as an energy source. Other bars like PowerBar® and Clif® are designed to deliver calories and carbohydrates to fuel your workout, not your own fat.

Who is Access for?

Access works for everyone from casual exercisers to world-class athletes

For a complete and detained explanation of how Access works please email me at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shopping List

Costco: Many items can be found at other stores, I just like Costco’s quantity, freshness, and price

Normandy Frozen Vegetable Package

Nature's Path, Pumpkin and Flax Seed Granola

Butternut squash pasta sauce (new item, recipe ideas to come)

Earth Bound Farms Lettuce Spring Mix

low-fat Canadian bacon: found in coolers with packages lunch meats and cheeses

4 dozen egg flat (I like their freshness). I have also bought their omega 3 eggs

Fresh blackberries, bananas, mushrooms, and romaine lettuce: in produce

Frozen whole strawberries, and blueberries (best price I’ve seen)

Salsa, We use tons of this so big is not a problem We like the Organic Salsa, but most any salsa is fine, just check for added sugars. We also love their Mango Salsa in the refrigerated section, which does have carbs. and calories to consider

Rosarita fat-free refried beans (case of 8)

Natural Apple Sauce (no sugar) I use a lot for baking, so I buy the case

“Food Should Taste Good” Whole grain tortilla chips These snack chips or crackers are low in bad fat, high in fiber and protein, we love them with melted cheese, and salsa.

Low-fat Cottage Cheese (Country Classic) I like it for it’s taste and price

Flat buns: hamburger buns, or deli subs. that are only 10 usable carbs. (remember to subtract the fiber from the total carbs)

Flat Bagels: only 110 calories, kids love these, soft white, whole wheat.

Flat out : flat breads that can be found at most stores but at Costco in a multi pkg. is cheapest around. I use these for pizzas, rollups and burritos

Granny’s Delight Bread: Whole Wheat high fiber bread that is so soft that your kids will love it

Basmati Rice (white, or wheat) Low on the Glycemic Index

Agava, Low calorie and low Glycemic index sweetener (comes in a 2 pack looks like maple syrup)

"Classico" Pasta Sauce

Canned Black Beans

"Kirkland", Grilled Chicken Breast Strips

"Maranatha", Almond Butter

Most grocery stores (Walmart):

Mission carb chopper tortillas

Wheat pita bread,

Natural calorie free sweetener Truvia (found with the sweeteners and artificial sweeteners in a cute green box with a picture of a strawberry on the box

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray, for popcorn, vegetables and breads.

Wish Bone Salad Spritzers: I like Italian

Light mozzarella Cheese Sticks only 2g. of fat compared to the regular version which are 3x the fat or more.

Greek Yogurt: I buy the fat-free plain. I add my own sweetener and berries for a balanced snack. Greek yogurt is much higher in protein.


CARBmaster yogurt: kroger brand, 12g. protein, 4-5 g. carbs, 80 calories, tastes great, great price

Sunflower market:

Produce, I love their selection and price. If you go on Wed. you get the special add deals for the past week and the new week. This market is south of the University Mall.

Whole Flax Seeds in bulk

Steel cut Oats in bulk for my morning cereal

Old Fashion Oats in bulk to grind into oat flour for our muffins and waffles

"Annie's Naturals" lite honey mustard salad dressing

Braggs Amino Acids

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Georgia's Food Ideas for Beginners

Goal: Balance protein and carbs for healthy weight and overall good health.

Goal: Eat every 2 1/2, to 3 hours (awake hours)

Goal: Enjoy a variety of good food.

Goal: Drink at least 10 cups of water a day, more if you can, especially if you exercise.

Portion sizes and # of snacks per day may depend on your individual calorie intake. I am eating 5 small meals and 1 larger Family Meal a day. Below is a sample of my eating schedule along with some of the foods I enjoy, I would be happy to talk to you about adjusting this to meet your individual needs. The amounts given are the calorie needs for most women, interested in decreasing body fat. Men should double serving sizes. Call or email me if you have any questions. Georgia 801-885-1111

Meal# 1. Pre-workout snack 6:00 a.m. I am a morning exerciser so my first meal of the day is the Access Bar or Choc. Access Shake, this could be replaced by whatever you like to eat before exercise, or just start the day with breakfast and exercise later. If you exercise after kids are off to school, you could use the Access Bar as your second breakfast 15 minutes before you start.

Meal #2. Breakfast 9:00 a.m. Omelet - served with wheat toast or Carb chopper tortillas and water. See omelet instructions in recipe section of blog.

or 1/2 c. Cooked Cereal with protein powder– cracked wheat, oatmeal, 6 grain, cream of wheat, (check label for your serving size) served with one scoop vanilla protein powder, please refer to recipe section of blog

or 1/2 c. Cooked Cereal and 4 egg whites

or Attain Shake- This is a completely balanced small meal

or Low fat cottage Cheese, Yogurt and Berries- 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, mixed with about 1/4 cup of low fat yogurt (can adjust amount by looking at number of carbs) and your favorite berries. This has also become my new spread for pancakes and French toast.

or Whole grain French toast or pancakes can be made with added protein by adding protein powder to your skim milk or water when mixing them, and served with cottage cheese and yogurt topping.

or Hard boiled eggs (throw-out the yokes) with toast and always add a glass of water

Meal# 3. 12:00 noon String Cheese Wrap- 2 slices of low-fat Canadian bacon wrapped around a mozzarella string cheese, my husband, Kirt eats two with mustard

or Tuna (1/2 can) prepared with salsa or relish or low fat dressing serve with tomato and lettuce on wheat toast, multi-grain crackers, or baked wheat pita chips or baked carb chopper tortillas. I bake these myself by spraying them with Pam, olive or canola oil and adding a little sea salt, cutting them with my pizza cutter and bake them at 400 for 7-12 minutes, watch not to burn. My favorite is tuna mixed with low fat cottage cheese and eaten as a dip with the multi-grain tortilla chips from Costco.

or Attain strawberry, choc, or vanilla Shake mixed with water or skim milk. Kirt takes the powder measured out in a shaker cup to work with him and adds water from his water bottle and shakes when he is ready. Much healthier and cheaper than Wendy’s ($1.50, my serving size is $1:00 a serving). If he were around a blender he would rather mix it up with ice and skim milk and 1/2 banana.

or Egg salad made with already boiled eggs, celery, and seasonings, low fat and low carb dressing or salsa can be added serve on a carb such as those suggested above with the tuna. I love to make an egg salad sandwich between two flat buns.

or Proflex or Attain Bar w/ cheese stick

Meal #4 3:00 p.m.: Chicken or Turkey Breast, Sandwich or Wrap (pre-cooked, lean meat is great to have on hand, prepared and ready to grab from the fridge quick) serve with lettuce and tomato Serve on wheat bread, or in a carb chopper tortillas as a wrap.

or Meat and Bean Burritos – Please see Grandma Johnson's Burrito recipe in the recipe section of the blog. When made with a low carb. tortilla, they are a balanced protein and carb snack or meal. They taste great, are nutritious, and economical.

Meal #5 Dinner 6:00 p.m.: The dinner meal is a larger family meal, allowing you to double the portion and calories of the small meals eaten throughout the day. I think it’s best to serve something the entire family will enjoy together (who wants to cook two dinners? Not me!). Ideas here are unlimited. I have gone away from casserole style meals with hidden calories, fats and loaded with carbs. Simple meals of a palm-sized portion of protein, such as chicken, fish, and lean cuts of pork and beef. A palm-sized portion of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, squash, whole grain rice pastas and breads and plenty of veggys, green salads are great to add.

I have also discovered the use of spaghetti squash in place of noodles; I think they taste great, I usually cook noodles as well for the kids, but several of my kids prefer the squash.

I love the recipe book “Eating for Life” I got it on; it has great ideas for dinners, snacks, and fun desserts.

Meal #6 9:00 p.m.: Kirt is an evening exerciser so this is when he eats an Access Bar; make sure there has been enough time following dinner to empty your stomach (at least 2 hours), to get the best effect from your exercise bar. If you have carbs in your stomach you will burn them instead of your body fat.

I will try to choose a snack that is high in protein. I will need the protein to build my muscle while I sleep. Probably my most favorite is cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit. I have recently discovered Greek Yogurt, a high protein yogurt. I buy the fat-free plain. I add my own sweetener, usually agava (a natural, low glycemic sweetener from a cactus plant), and berries for a balanced snack.

Proflex or Attain Shakes- Evening time is usually when I crave unhealthy snacks. These shakes mixed with ice and water, or skim milk tastes just like a yummy shake. I like that I'm getting the protein in before bed, and the crave blocker in the shake helps me feel full right up until bed time.

Mozzarella Popcorn- 2 cups popcorn sprayed with no fat butter spray and topped with 1 and 1/2 oz low-fat mozzarella cheese melted on top.

Protein Pudding -Sugar-free, fat-free instant Jell-O pudding made with one scoop protein powder such as Melaleuca’s Attain or Proflex shakes.