Friday, July 8, 2011

Salina Community Center Super Set-July 6th

Do sets of 10 for each exercise without rest between exercises. Complete 3 sets, t
aking a quick drink break between sets, but not too long, you want to keep your heart rate up the entire 20 minute workout. Time yourself, this will encourage you to push yourself to do it a little faster on another day when you need a quick, all-over body, fat burning, workout.

1. 10 sumo pushups: Following each pushup twist core slightly as you lift one arm shoulder height, alternate from left to right. Can also be done with knees bent if you wish, or on elbows if you have weak wrists. For an extra challenge try elevating feet on a chair.

2. 10 side lunge, hop: side lunge right, hop up with left leg strait and right knee bent into chest, repeat alternating left and right.

3. 10 super girls: get into plank position, extend one arm and the opposite leg so that your
body from your toes to your finger tips is one straight line. Make sure to keep your abs tight and don't drop your hips. Switch the arm and leg counting each as one rep. You can do this
exercise on your elbows if you have weak wrists, or you can do this on your knees until you develop the core strength and balance needed to do it correctly. When done correctly you will feel the muscles working in your core, shoulders, arms and legs. I am always amazed at the amount of cardio. endurance it requires.

4. 10 crab to bridge kickers: start in crab position kick right leg, rotate around into a bridge and kick the same right foot, return to crab position
repeat kicking the left leg. Each set of crab and bridge kick represents one rep.

5. 10 sumo squat jumps: standing in a wide stance with your knees and toes turned out at a slight angle. Protect your
knees by making sure that your knees never come out over your toes. Keeping your shoulders back and chest high, slowly bend your knees, and lower your body, springing off your toes, jumping back into starting position.