Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salina Community Center Super Set-Sept. 21st

This is a general out line, for specific workout instructions please attend a workout session in your area (see schedule)

2 min warm up: Repeat the following 3x increasing intensity with each

half jacks
walk forward kick
walk backward backward kick
football shuffle right
football shuffle left

10 minute lower body super set: Do each exercise in 50 sec. intervals with 10 sec. rest between exercises, repeat the workout 2x, resting for 1-2 minutes between.

1. low jacks, no arms
2. get-ups, no arms, beginners use hands to push off the floor
3. low jacks
4. lying one leg, right hamstring lift
5. lying one leg, left hamstring lift
6. low jacks
7. flying lunge jump, alternating left and right leg forward, beginners do static lunges, switching forward leg 1/2 way through
8. 2 leg lying leg lifts, beginners do single alternating leg lift

Cool down: inchworms

Push each 50 sec. rep to the max, count your reps. pushing to increase the number of reps each time. Keep a water bottle close and don't forget to eat your access bar or shake at least 15 min. before on an empty stomach.

Have fun!

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